Andrea Siso
People, like pollen, float in search of more fertile soil. Sisó is about sincerity. For this collection I have chosen immigration as my subject, as an homage to my Spanish roots, and international environment.
Representing the personal as political, I sourced the visual identity of my project from traditional Aragonese folk dress, photography by Robert Capa of Spanish people fleeing the civil war and the bold, abstract, sculptural work of Alexander Calder. Until my grandmother’s generation, women in my family wore ‘baturra’ traditional dress during most occasions. The garments I have focused on are now typically worn during the festivals of ‘El Pilar’ and are handed down through families.
I decided to use Robert Capa’s photography because of it’s uncanny resemblance to photographs taken from today’s immigration crisis. Serving as a reminder that not so long ago, when wars tore Europe apart, we too were in the same shoes as the people our countries would now rather turn away. I also draw parallels to Alexander Calder because of his history as an American artist who emigrated to France at the height of the surrealist and modern art movements.