FDM 2016
Derek Cheng
‘The Objects of Hong Kong’ explores the meaning of every day objects to the people living in the city of Hong Kong. The collection starts with the object umbrella inspired by the Umbrella Revolution, a movement initiated and joined by many Hong Kong students/citizens as a way to voice our opinions; An attempt to protect our city and our system from being intruded and destroyed.
The symbolic meaning of the object changed completely after such event.
The collection explores the relationship between garments and social changes. My primary research focuses on capturing interesting objects and textures in unexpected places within the city that tell a story. I have also been working with local craftsmen (who build funeral objects and lanterns) to build bamboo props for the collection.
A combination of techniques which include hand-weaving, needle felting, laser-engraving and plastic/rubber coating was used to recreate the depth of the different textures within the city.