FDM 2016
Dian Jiao
“Simulation masks the absence of a basic reality.” Jean Baudrillard suggests. Reflecting on the fact that people are on the route of digitalising themselves, Jiao Dian′s collection tells a story influenced by digital culture: A chemical scientist enters a virtual lab, to experiment with a digital detox serum to bring people back to reality.
However, there is a fault in the system and the scientist is digitalised into an avatar, who is two dimensionally living in the screen and cannot go back to the real world. The vibrant and young mood is contributed by RGB colours, the basic computer screen colour spectrum, printed onto all white material. The white represents the occupation of the scientist which also suggests the original state of the character. Workwear is used as a metaphor in the collection, as each look suggests the protection is decreasing, starting with a white lab coat, covered in warning signs.