FDM 2016
Hana Al-Sarhani
The collection ‘Reorient’ was inspired by a recent trip to Los Angeles, the epicenter of celebrity culture, and its juxtaposition with the non celebrity oriented societies of the middle east. The concept of re-orientation is to find ones position again in relation to ones surroundings, which is particularly relevant with the speed at which globalization influences the values of opposing cultures, thus encouraging subtle themes of revealing and concealing which ,mirrors the concept of the overexposure of celebrity in Hollywood versus the enigma that has been created around the middle east and the idea that we choose what we want to reveal.
This inspired a desire to create links between mass produced archetypes of american clothing and traditional omani garments made by hand, as a reference to the lasting impacts contrasting cultures often have on each other on each other, set against the backdrop of the relaxed Californian attitude depicted in david hockney paintings and the allure of '90s LA.