FDM 2016
Moss Omey
Driven to challenge the cute stereotypes of ‘petite’ fashion, Moss Omey′s graduate collection ‘Poco’ is inspired by and exclusively for shorter women. The collections concept is formed from a narrative about a girl nicknamed Poco due to her short height. As the youngest of three siblings, she′s refused new and expensive clothing when she can be given her two sisters hand me downs. Her eldest sister Martha is a secretary in the 1950′s, prim and proper while Marnie, the middle sister fulfils the middle child syndrome stereotype; a biker rebel who′s not afraid to get dirty. The combination of hand me downs results in deconstructed tailoring with a grungy twist. Swamped by their size, Poco straps, chains and laces them to fit her, while jackets that are far too long are folded and transformed into trousers or under tops.