Chohye Jang
I have a strange secret to tell you. I had a recurring nightmare as a young child. It started when I was four years old. I found myself in a public bath, surrounded by fish, struggling to breath. The nightmare kept coming back, and it’s now available through my collection.
I tried to escape but was overwhelmed by a swarm of fish.
The more I tried to escape, the more playful they became, pushing themselves closer on to my skin by coming inside of my pantie: tickling, nibbling, all slippery with their twinkle skins and fins.
The dream was so visceral that it even made my younger self fear putting on my pyjamas, one with a blouse and trouser, and second with dress style and shorts.

The fish movements are reflected in the development and the shape of the garments, and pantie was used for detail and fabric.
The mood of water in my dream; ominous and dark, like water at night and bubbles inspired my textile and print.
I don’t dream about it anymore, but it lingers on me, it feels like I’m floated on the water: I’ve found a need to reconcile and overcome my fears, part of that facing them, but I also found the need to establish protection against harm, to shield myself. Lucy Orta’s work ‘Urban Life Guard (2007)’ helped inspire my defence for the garment’s details.