Dominika Kodadova
About the collection The “oh boy” collection is a story of siblings, preparing for their game.
Game for the few, where you are in charge of your own armour. Stealing dad’s tailored jackets, hockey armour and pyjamas, found in his closet and combining it with figure skating dresses and tights of their own, prepared for your next training. Towels could do, you have plenty around the house. The denim insulation you saw laying around the shed could also be useful, it might get cold.

Arch jo offers a unique inside of a world, created by children’s wild imagination, where a strange game is about to begin. Playing with perspective, volume and materials, this collection is aiming to capture the extravagant and provocative imagination, where playfulness compliments classic tailoring, prints playing along with menswear patters and silhouettes constantly changing the game from fluid to constructed shapes. It is a world created by children, preparing for their imaginary game where no rules apply. Capturing the beautiful chaos in childs head is the prior essence of this collection.
The aesthetic of the collection offers a modern interpretation of masculinity and femininity through a conscious cross-pollination between menswear and womenswear elements. Inspired by children, where no boundaries are set.
It is a game of paradoxes. From a female to male, from a child to an adult, from settle to extravagant, from fantasy to reality, from can’t to can.
We dare you to play.