Eve Scholes
Looking through old family photographs of my great grandmother and her friends i found that the images represented richness even though her possessions had very little monetary value.
I began exploring the concept of value beyond monetary value.I found the confidence, and boldness within the images incredibly inspiring. Within a society that often portrays the men as the leaders, and media that can often be found depicting women playing the role of a subdued housewife and mother. I found that my experience of growing up in the North was much more driven by incredibly strong women rather then men.
I was Inspired by Rachel Whiteread's House and the way it was destroyed by the council, I thought about the way the council take back these homes and clear away all evidence of these women and their stories as a part of history, and I set out to preserve the preciousness of who these fierce women of the North were, and who they became within their own space.