Signe Kjærulff Strunge
Exploring notions of how identity and cultural heritage is being challenged in a time of modernisation and globalisation, Doi Moi is a yearning for change, a call to action, a change of mindset & attitude.
After having experienced firsthand how the Hmong community is being oppressed and exploited by the Vietnamese government, the collection takes its outset in a personal story of a backpacker, who in the search for the authentic came across the Hmong, a once self-sufficient and sustainable ethnic community.
The collection is a juxtaposing of the two, as a reaction to todays corporate and all-consuming desire to capitalize on every opportunity.
Attention is paid to intricate detailing, functionality and engineered surfaces, inspired by the functional backpacker and the skillful Hmong, adding a dimension of documentation, interoperation and engagement of their culture, but also its preservation.