Sun-Woo Chang
Final home, where in between nothing-and-house which is temporary security.
The collection inspired from my personal story from the past, me and my sister used to be kicked out by mom and one time we found abandoned mattress next to bin and we hided in there. From the story I expanded the idea into “portable refuge wear”.

Shelter, mattress, protection and intimacy were the main keywords. Garments pops up like tent, these are compact at first and it transforms into wearable pieces such as t-shirt, dress, windbreaker.

By exploring confrontations and contrasts between luxury and ordinary, old and new, sensitive and strong, the signature check pattern from my mattress cover is developed in different textures and qualities.
Jersey comes into play to express the feeling of rawness. To add more I have chosen nylon and waterproof fabrics are added to the overall effect of protection.