Zee Ye Chen
The equalization of genders is my beginning spark to the entire creative process to making this collection.
Motorcyclist racing suit is one of the most gender-neutral dress codes in the history of clothes: From its choice of fabrics, colours and prints, even to the silhouettes, the racing suit has blurred the boundary between different sexes. Because of its tight-fitted shapes and usage of bright colours the evidences to identify the wearer's gender are no longer apparent.
So the collection is mainly made of stretched fabrics and faux leathers. The blurred boundary of genders is a gain of power and provides the protection of self for the wearer.
This is the reason why I also added the element of infaltability and the use of reflective fabrics onto the garment design for a further sense of self-protection, in order to communicate an emphasis of my own views on gender equality and feminism.